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When do I get my photos? 

You will receive your edited images no more than 14 days after your session.  At current, it is taking me approximately 7-10 days to edit and upload photos for download.  I will keep you updated.  

It seemed like you took 500 pics, do I get them all?

Sorry, no.  After a session, I do go through each photo and select the most flattering and delete images that are duplicates, blurry, mouth open, etc.  The additional files that remain are available for additional cost. 

Do you Photoshop/retouch images?

I like to keep my style of photography more natural and depend mostly on my camera settings but, I do occasionally use Lightroom for minimal editing.

How do I receive my images?

You will have access to a password protected private gallery where you will be able to download your digital files and then you can send to who ever you wish for printing, send to family and friends, and post online!

Why do you charge so much, it's just pointing and clicking?

It's more than that.  Photography is Art.  It's telling a story...your story. I also have bills to pay.  There is my time spent editing images, website fees, hosting, internet, travel, fuel, equipment maintenance, etc.  

You're a photographer!  So you can do my wedding, right?

Well, yes and no.  Weddings are a big deal, sure I could take your photos, but being that is not my area of focus, I could miss some pretty important moments and I would hate for you to end up disappointed.  Im still testing the waters on different areas of photography and have not yet decided where my focus will be.  Ask me about weddings again later this year...or next Spring!