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Hello! I’m Sylvia.  Im a part time portrait photographer based primarily in The Woodlands and Spring Texas area.   Outdoor/ field/ forest/ lifestyle mini shoots are my thing!  They're quick, affordable, edits don't take me a month, AND the images are yours to do with as you wish!  I love iced white chocolate mochas, blueberry bagels, and gummy worms.  If we ever bump into each other i'll have one of those in my hands.  Lol!  I don't know, call me crazy, but I do like watching scary movies on dark stormy nights.   And then I end up sleeping in the center of my bed with the all the lights on.  Lol!  Im also a cat mom to some fun, sweet, crazy kitties!  Through all my years of schooling, I was always in an art or design class of some sort.   I had always had an interest in photography as well, I just never pursued it until recently after I got my hands on my late husbands Nikon.  I got hooked!  I invested in more photography equipment and began capturing photos of friends, fur babies, or whatever has caught my eye.  I haven't put my camera down since and I don't think I ever will. 

Yep, Im totally addicted!  

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