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The Photographer

Hello! I’m Sylvia.  Im a part time portrait photographer based primarily in The Woodlands and Spring Texas area.   Outdoor/ field/ forest/ lifestyle mini shoots are my thing!  They're quick, affordable, edits don't take me a month, AND the images are yours to do with as you wish!  I love iced white chocolate mochas, blueberry bagels, and gummy worms.  If we ever bump into each other I'm bound to have one of those in one hand and my camera in the other.  Lol!  I'm also a big into horror movies, always have been since I was little.   And call me crazy, but I do like watching them on dark stormy nights.   I do have all the lights on, of course!  Lol!  Im also a cat mom to some fun, sweet, crazy kitties!  

Through all my years of schooling, I was always in an art or design class of some sort.   I had always had an interest in photography as well, I just never pursued it until recently after I got my hands on my hubby's Nikon.  I was totally hooked!  I couldn't believe all the time that had passed that my "thing" was right under my nose the whole time.  So, I invested in more photography equipment and began capturing photos of friends, fur babies, or whatever catches my eye.  I am constantly building my portfolio and also growing my skills as a photographer with every session.  Im kind of all over the place and testing the waters of various types of portraiture since I haven't yet decided where my focus will be.  So, We'll see where I end up! .    

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