Hi, I am Sylvia!

I am a part time outdoor photographer based primarily in The Woodlands and Spring Texas area. 

Through all my years of schooling, I was always in an art or design class of some sort. I had always had an interest in photography as well, I just never pursued it until many years later when I got my hands on my hubby's Nikon. I was totally hooked! I couldn't believe all the time that had passed that my "thing" was right under my nose (actually top shelf in the closet) the whole time.

So, I invested in a couple of workshops, more photography equipment, a second newer model camera, and began capturing photos of friends, fur babies, local events, or whatever catches my eye. I always have my camera on me! I am working on building my portfolio and also growing my skills as a photographer with every click of my camera. Im still kind of all over the place testing the waters with various types of photography while I gain more experience and then I will ultimately decide what my main focus and style of photography will be.